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Moved, and a reminder why...

Move is complete, thanks to my co-workers who helped me schlep stuff, and no thanks to the hypothermia that we all almost got for doing it when the temperature was 15 outside.

Still sorting and unpacking stuff, and some of my replacement things are showing up.

The UPS guy tried to deliver my new desk yesterday, but apparently took it straight to the apartment complex office (they sign for some packages) instead of to my apartment. Now, this is a nice desk - natural wood, computer-style with filing cabinets, keyboard tray, etc. seleene_paris helped me pick it out (thanks hon!), and it's not exactly small. There was no way that I was going to be able to get it back to my apartment, and I was worried how I was going to arrange it.

So I walk over to the office, and run into the head maintenance guy before I even get inside, who recognizes me and asks to make sure everything's in the apartment and sorted. There were a few hiccups, like a refrigerator not being in the apartment when I moved in, but everything's been taken care of, and I thank him. I mention the desk, and his first response is, "I'll get the truck and we'll bring it over." I didn't even have to ask; they simply did it. By the time I'd walked back to the apartment, they had it leaning against the wall outside my door.

Yes, I'm still renting, but I found a darned good place to rent from.

Oh, and it's two blocks from work. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint... I don't even need to take the (biodiesel-fueled!) busses anymore, except for once or twice a month, for shopping that I can't do at the IGA across the street.

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