Geoff Ellingwood (neppyman) wrote,
Geoff Ellingwood

Steam, The Last Remnant, and why my weekend plans are trashed.

So, there's a (fairly) new Square|Enix RPG out, called The Last Remnant. Xbox 360 release, and PC, with PS3 soon to follow. I had it recommended to me by bav101.

Since I have a new job (more on that later), I figured I'd treat myself and pick up a copy. While at the mall this week, I stopped by the Game Stop in the mall, but they didn't have any PC copies. Apparently they're phasing out their PC games, because of "rampant piracy". Sounds like an excuse to me, but oh well. Turns out, the game was made available via Steam, Valve's download-based free service for game distribution.

I've had a Steam account for a while, and I was pleased with the results when I brought home my (store-bought) copy of the Orange Box. So, last night I fired up the client and purchased a copy of The Last Remnant. First of all, it was only $39.99 - no tax. Fair price for a new game, I figure. Second, the download was fast. It's a 12 Gb install, and it was done before I woke up this morning (and I started it right before I went to bed). Third, it just... works. I didn't have time to get very far this morning (just to the point where I actually control my char), and now I'm off to work, but there was absolutely nothing for me to do. Click on the shortcut, configure my gamepad, tweak the video settings, and start playing.

That's the kind of game experience I want. Simple, quick, painless, and it just works. Oh, and so long as I have my Steam account (free, of course), I can download it again any time I want. The fact that I have no physical media won't limit me at all.

Now, I'm off to work, and yeah, my weekend plans are fairly set now. *grins*

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