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Meme, swiped fromlookingforlily... - Geoff's Journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geoff Ellingwood

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Meme, swiped fromlookingforlily... [Dec. 7th, 2008|01:08 pm]
Geoff Ellingwood
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |Anthrax - In My World [The Island Years]]

Bored? Well, maybe.

Q: What's going on between you and the last person you kissed?

A: Nothing. She doesn't even sign onto IM anymore.

Q: Would you eat a cockroach for your last ex if they asked you?

A: No.

Q: What friend do you tell the most to?

A: seleene_paris, followed closely by bav101.

Q: How's your heart lately?

A: Physically, pretty good. Emotionally, rather empty.

Q: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

A: seleene_paris

Q: What are you listening to right now?

A: Anthrax - Live, The Island Years. Mostly background music (yes, I listen to thrash metal as background music...).

Q: Have you ever punched a hole in the wall?

A: No, I kick. I've put holes in drywall, and even put a foot through a pressboard door before.

Q: Where were you at 2:00 this morning?

A: Giving some WoW players a lesson in humility. By force.

Q: Where's the weirdest place you've changed clothes?

A: School van on a water polo trip.

Q: Do you wear glasses?

A: Yes. But I do want to try contacts when I actually manage to get vision coverage.

Q: What's in your CD player?

A: I don't have one. What's on my iPod? Assorted trance/techno/metal/industrial/etc. My tastes are quite random.

Q: Anything annoying you right now?

A: My parents, and their inability to view anything from any perspective other than their own.

Q: If you could do something differently, would you go back?

A: That's a silly question. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't had the experiences that I've had. I may regret certain decisions and experiences, but they've made me who I am.

Q: What will you be doing in a half hour?

A: Continuing to role-play with anher and stryck.

Q: Who is the last person you talked on the phone with?

A: My phone is currently out-of-order, thanks to Freya, but the last person I talked to was seleene_paris.

Q: Are you going anywhere for the next summer?

A: If I had money, I'd love to go to the Rockies. I won't. So I won't.

Q: Did you have plans today?

A: Role-playing and laundry. What a combination!

Q: Are you waiting for anyone's call right now?

A: Nope.

Q: Is the last person you kissed mad at you?

A: I think so, but she's basically dissappeared.

Q: Do you regret something you did yesterday?

A: No.

Q: Favorite quote from the song you're listening to?

A: Um... nothing really applies here.

Q: What kind of bottoms are you wearing?

A: Shorts.

Q: How many windows are open on your computer?

A: 10. Dices client (for role-playing), two PDF's of source material for said role-playing, one Excel character sheet, one directory of said source material, LJ client, Pidgin buddy list, one IM window, Winamp, and Firefox (6 tabs). Why yes, I do multi-task! I also use two monitors, which makes keeping track of stuff a LOT easier.

Q: Story behind your livejournal name?

A: Far too long of a story to explain here. I've been known as "neppyman" since... 1998.

Q: Is something bothering you right now?

A: Finances. Still.

Q: Are you sarcastic?

A: Whenever possible. Or never. Whichever creates more irony.

Q: Are you shy?

A: Only with large groups of strangers. As soon as I start finding things to talk about, I'm quite talkative.

Q: Are you talkative?

A: See previous answer.

Q: What are you doing tomorrow?

A: I don't have anything planned, other than job hunting.

Q: Where did your last hug take place?

A: I hugged a friend at Meijer that I used to work with while I was there. She gets one every time I'm there.

Q: Have you kissed anyone on the lips within the past month?

A: Nope.

Q: When was the last time you smiled?

A: This morning, when Freya woke me up by crawling under the quilt with me. She's so cute.

Q: Do you secretly like someone?

A: No. If I like somebody, they know.