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Today's Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy - Geoff's Journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geoff Ellingwood

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Today's Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy [Oct. 8th, 2007|09:33 pm]
Geoff Ellingwood
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This one is really easy - and really good.

These portions are for either one very hungry person, or two moderately hungry people. Adjust accordingly.

Sausage Gravy

  • 1/2 lb. breakfast sausage (I use Bob Evans's Sage pork sausage)

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 1/4 cup sifted flour (approximate)

  • 1 tsp black pepper

  • 1 tsp salt

  • dash garlic powder

  • dash onion powder

  • dash red pepper

Buttermilk Biscuits

  • 1 1/2 cup Bisquick

  • 1/4 cup butter or margarine

  • 1/2 cup milk

Preheat oven to 450. Brown sausage in a skillet, chopping into as fine pieces as possible. While sausage is browning, cut margarine into Bisquick in a large mixing bowl with a fork, then stir milk into the mixture until it begins to flake. When sausage is browned, remove from heat, drain, and cool in the skillet. Take biscuit dough mixture in your hands and knead gently, making sure to clump it all into one mixture. If it sticks to your hands too much, dry them well and rub a little flour into your palms. Separate into four equal portions, and form into 2" round discs, placing on an ungreased baking sheet.

Bake biscuits for 10 minutes. While baking, add milk and dry ingredients - except flour - to the browned sausage in the skillet. Over medium-high heat, bring to a simmering boil. Slowly sift in small amounts of flour, stirring vigorously to avoid clumping. The gravy will thicken quickly. Stop adding flour when it is just shy of the thickness you are looking for, and remove from heat.

Biscuits should be done at this point; place them on a plate, sliced in half, and serve covered in gravy.

[User Picture]From: perpetuallydry
2007-10-09 03:15 pm (UTC)
I don't know what's in it, so it may be the same spices, only already mixed, but I usually just use "chicken seasoning". It's pretty good.
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[User Picture]From: neppyman
2007-10-09 03:17 pm (UTC)
Chicken (or any poultry) seasoning uses similar stuff, although probably not the garlic and red pepper, and it may add some rosemary or thyme. Either way, sufficient. The real key ingredient is the black pepper; plain gravy is just too... plain.
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[User Picture]From: perpetuallydry
2007-10-10 03:53 pm (UTC)
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