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Food for thought. - Geoff's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geoff Ellingwood

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Food for thought. [Nov. 10th, 2005|12:08 pm]
Geoff Ellingwood
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A trojan horse that takes advantage of Sony-BMG's rootkit (bundled with its music "compact discs") has been spotted in the wild.  Read more about it here.  Technical details about the (rather poorly-written) trojan can be found here.

This is pretty serious business.  While the issue of copy-protecting music is still hotly debated, using methods to do so that compromise the security of people's computer systems should not be.  In fact, it's being taken so seriously, that a class-action lawsuit has been filed in California (and one may be filed soon in New York).  Read more about those here.

Personally, I don't buy music nowadays, except for the occasional CD.  I've been voting with my wallet for a while now, but I think that it's time other people started doing the same.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has made a list of albums that contain this rootkit - take a look here.

A user on SlashDot created a phrase that nicely summarizes this:

Infected with DRM

Spread this around and think about it.